The Sun Stands Still-Creation follows the Creator’s command.

Author : Evangelist Daniel Sushanth

The fact that the entire universe operates under God’s authority is undeniable. If we find ourselves in turmoil and seek victory, it is wise to align ourselves with Him and trust in His guidance and power.

During the battle against the Amorites, as described in Joshua 10:12, Joshua made a remarkable prayer request to the LORD in the presence of the Israelites. He asked for the sun to stand still over Gibeon and the moon to halt over the Valley of Aijalon.

Miraculously, the sun and moon obeyed Joshua’s request, remaining stationary until the Israelites had achieved victory over their enemies. This extraordinary event demonstrated the power of God and the faith of Joshua, who trusted in the LORD to grant him a unique and unprecedented request.

In this passage, Joshua’s unwavering faith in God’s ability to deliver victory, despite the unconventional nature of his request, serves as a valuable lesson for us. If we desire to overcome challenges, we must have confidence in God’s guidance and seek Him through prayer before taking action. We should never attempt to face trials on our own but instead rely on His wisdom and strength.

The astounding truth revealed in the Bible is that the LORD God of Israel fought for His people. This teaches us a crucial lesson in our spiritual battles: we can only achieve victory through His intervention. By placing our trust in His power and guidance, we can overcome our adversaries and live in accordance with His divine will.

We understand that victory was secured through the cross, and our responsibility now is to live in a way that reflects that victory. Colossians 2:15 emphasizes that Jesus overcame spiritual opposition through His death and resurrection, thereby demonstrating His supremacy. As a result, we are more than conquerors, empowered by His love for us, as stated in Romans 8:37.

Feeling let down by oneself indicates a reliance on personal abilities rather than placing faith in the LORD’s triumph. It suggests that we attempted to face our challenges with limited resources rather than relying on His strength and guidance.

Isaiah 40:31 teaches us that those who patiently serve the Lord will be rewarded with a renewed spirit. They will be able to persevere through any challenge without growing weary, run with endurance and walk with confidence. This passage inspires us to trust in the Lord and rely on His strength to navigate life’s trials.

The Bible contains many stories of victories and triumphs, both military and spiritual. Here are a few examples:

The Battle of Jericho: In Joshua 6, the Israelites, led by Joshua, conquered the heavily fortified city of Jericho by marching around the city’s walls for seven days and blowing their trumpets.

The account of Cornelius, a Roman centurion, converting to Christianity. This story is of great significance as it is the first instance of Gentiles (non-Jews) being converted to Christianity without having to first become Jews. Additionally, it emphasizes how God’s grace extends to all people, regardless of their nationality or background. The story can be found in Acts 10:1-48.

The prayer request made by Joshua should serve as an inspiration for us when we face challenges in life. It reminds us that God has the power to deliver us from any storm we may encounter.

By entrusting our battles to Him and placing our faith in His divine guidance, we can overcome adversity and emerge victorious.

Father, as we face challenges in our lives, we come to you in prayer, just as Joshua did in the midst of battle. We ask for your guidance and strength to overcome our adversaries. Help us to have unwavering faith in your power to deliver us from any storm we may encounter. We trust in your victory over all obstacles and ask for your divine intervention in our lives. May we live in a way that reflects the victory secured through the cross and be empowered by your love for us. In Jesus name Amen.

##Living by Faith##

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