From Listeners to Doers

We should exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives, not merely storing up knowledge that remains unused. By taking one step forward in faith, we can make a difference.

Avoiding Traps and Staying Connected to God

Every one of us possesses the same energy and potential as Samson. We need to channel that energy into a passion for Christ and utilize it for God’s glory. Let us gather our strength, with the Lord’s help, to overcome challenges and achieve victory over our opponent, Satan.

Are Parents Considered Baggage in Old Age?

Let us open our eyes and display love and care towards our parents while they are still with us. What is the use of showing love once they have passed away? What purpose do flowers on their graves serve if they cannot witness our affection?

The Power of Gods Love and Generosity -John 6:1

Pour out your concerns and needs before Him, and trust that He will open doors of provision for you. God works through His chosen vessels, whether it be through the support of others or miraculous circumstances, to ensure that your needs are met. Rest assured that God’s love and care are steadfast, and He will provide for you in ways that surpass your expectations.

“Is Your Name Written in the Book of Life”?

However, those who are fortunate enough to have their names written in the book of life will be escorted by the angels to the gates of heaven, where they will be rewarded upon arrival. It is a great privilege and honor to dwell in the Holy place and to be in the presence of the creator for eternity.

Tares among the wheat.

We should not close ourselves off to those who may even persecute or vandalize our churches, but instead, forgive them as Jesus taught us to do.

Forget to Show Gratitude

In the contemporary world, it often seems like we are more focused on receiving than giving. However, it is crucial to express our gratitude whenever we receive any favors or help from others.

Bear fruit for the Kingdom of God

Jesus, in his teachings, often used parables to impart important lessons. Among these parables, the Parable of the Talents holds significant.

Make a U-Turn..!!

Will you take a U-Turn today and fight against addiction as a brave soldier?

Dealing with Being Used and Reused.

Author: Evangelist Daniel Sushanth. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to encounter situations in life where we may fall victim to being taken advantage of or exploited by others. This phenomenon seems to be increasingly prevalent in our society, where individuals gain our trust for their own benefit, only to disregard us as if we do…