Are Parents Considered Baggage in Old Age?

Ephesians 6:1 states, “Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.”

Author: Evangelist Daniel Sushanth

However, in today’s society, we see a concerning trend where the current generation is often disregarding and abandoning their parents, deeming them as burdens or insignificant. Before we question their behavior, we must first examine ourselves and acknowledge that the current generation is following our example. We cannot solely blame them; we share responsibility as influencers in their lives.

There is a growing number of elderly care facilities in comparison to previous generations, yet there is a shortage of these institutes to meet the increasing demand. Unfortunately, many of these so-called homes for the aged do not adhere to the principles of compassionate care. They have become commercialized and lack the genuine intention to serve. Since these establishments rely on donations, only a few independent ones truly prioritize the well-being of the elderly.

The rise of such facilities has created a business opportunity for many, leading to new employment prospects in this industry. However, it is disheartening to witness how the commandment to obey and honour parents is being disregarded, resulting in disobedience and abandonment. Often, children become solely focused on inheriting property and assets, leading them to act as loving and caring individuals until their acquisition is complete. Once their true intentions are revealed, parents are swiftly moved to old age homes.

Some children treat their parents as burdensome baggage, taunting them for their perceived worthlessness. It is crucial to realize that parents have worked tirelessly throughout their lives to provide for their children, making sacrifices and enduring sleepless nights.

They patiently listened to endless repetitive questions and provided answers. However, when parents reach a stage where they seek support and ask questions, they are met with hostility and insults. This behaviour leads to depression and a profound sense of rejection among parents. Shockingly, many parents are even treated as servants or substitutes for domestic help, with their rightful pensions being withheld.  In some cases, parents are denied a space to live within their own homes. Why is there such hostile treatment towards them? Do they not deserve love and care from their children?

This is not a depiction limited to movies; it is a reality witnessed worldwide, encompassing all classes of society, from the middle to lower-middle class. It is essential to remember that the younger generation is observing our actions, and they may treat us the same way in the future. As the saying goes, “what you sow, you shall reap.”

God is urging us today to change our behaviour towards our parents, allowing our lives to be a blessing rather than bringing curses upon ourselves. It is a law established by God, and we should strive to fulfil it. We will be held accountable one day, and if found violating this commandment, we will face consequences. The importance of honouring parents can be exemplified through Jesus Himself, who obeyed His Father even when He could have avoided the cross by calling upon the angels for rescue. His love for His Father led Him to obediently follow His instructions, ultimately facing death. We can find no better example than this.

Let us open our eyes and display love and care towards our parents while they are still with us. What is the use of showing love once they have passed away? What purpose do flowers on their graves serve if they cannot witness our affection?

Seek forgiveness and restore their status and honour while they are still alive. They deserve our love, not just our financial support. Make them feel valued and useful. Listen to them attentively and cater to their needs. In old age, they may resemble small children, so exercise patience and understanding. Remember, they are our parents who have given us life, education, and comfort. Receive blessings from them and  work towards creating a better future for ourselves, thereby setting a positive example for our own children.

Honouring our parents should not be limited to special occasions like Father’s Day or Mother’s Day but should be practiced every day of the year. Let us be faithful witnesses to this commandment and set a higher standard for ourselves and society.

It is disheartening to witness a growing trend where children are neglecting their responsibility to provide a proper burial for their parents. These parents were by their children’s side during times of sickness, holding their hands and offering support. However, now the children turn away, refusing to extend a helping hand. Parents spent countless hours helping their children prepare for competitive exams, yet now the children cannot even offer assistance when their parents need help using the restroom. Parents celebrated their children’s victories and accomplishments, but the children no longer have time to listen to or acknowledge their parents’ achievements.

 Parents used to prepare and cook meals to ensure their children were well-fed, but now the children don’t even bother to ask if their parents have eaten. During festivals, parents bought new clothes for their children, while the children don’t even care to ask if their parents need new clothes, leaving them in torn and shabby garments. Some parents are left without proper medical care, their wounds left to be licked by flies.

Witnessing parents abandoned and begging for a meal is a heart-wrenching sight. How can someone treat their own parents in this manner, especially when we are called to belong to Christ? If we truly belong to Him, we should be good witnesses of His love and compassion. I hope your attitude towards your parents’ changes, bringing glory to God.

If you haven’t reached out to your parents in months, why not pick up the phone today and break the silence? Show them love and affection, for life is short, and we don’t want to live with regret for withholding love from those who deserve it.

Prayer: Father, We come before You with heavy hearts, we lift up all those who have been abandoned by their children, especially the elderly parents who are left feeling lonely, rejected, and without the support they deserve. Lord, we ask for Your divine intervention and healing in these broken relationships. Soften the hearts of children who have turned away from their parents, that they may realize the significance of honouring and caring for their parents in their old age. Help them see the sacrifices their parents have made, the love they have poured out, and the support they have provided throughout their lives. Grant wisdom and understanding to the younger generation, that they may grasp the importance of maintaining strong family bonds and respecting their elders. Lord, You are the God of restoration and healing. Work in the hearts of individuals, families, and communities, that we may witness a revival of honour and respect for parents in our society. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.


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