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During a phone conversation with my co-worker about official work, who happens to be a fellow believer, they shared about a special workshop held in their church for young kids to empower them with the knowledge of the word of God. As our conversation progressed, we both agreed that it is crucial for youth to be aware of their spiritual enemy.

In light of recent events such as shootings in the United States, it is crucial for our youth to be aware of their spiritual enemy, as discussed in John 8:41-44.

Similar to an army that prepares for battle by knowing their opponent’s weapons and strategies, our youth should be equipped with knowledge about the tactics of their spiritual enemy. Currently, many young people are vulnerable and fall prey to destructive influences such as addiction, depression, and criminal behavior.

By understanding who their real enemy is, they can defend themselves and counterattack. It is important for parents and church leaders to encourage and empower young individuals to participate in church activities, learn about the kingdom of God, and have fellowship with like-minded peers. Let us pray for our youth to be enlightened about their spiritual enemy and equipped to stand against it.

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