Let Go of Your Umbrella – Conquering Pride and Ego

Author: Evangelist Daniel Sushanth

Isaiah 14:12 in the Bible is often interpreted as describing the fall of Lucifer, a fallen angel who rebelled against God due to his pride and ego. In modern times, this passage can be understood as representing the negative characteristics of pride and ego, which can damage the unity and harmony of a community, including within a church setting.

Just as Lucifer’s pride and rebellion led to his downfall, the attributes and effects of pride and ego can also harm relationships and create conflicts within a community, including a church community. These qualities disrupt harmony, hinder cooperation, and result in negative consequences. It’s important to recognize and address these harmful characteristics in order to promote healthy relationships and maintain a positive community atmosphere.

We should strive to avoid allowing pride and ego to control us and give room to Satan. Instead, we should aspire to be followers of Jesus and not boast about ourselves, acknowledging that our existence is by God’s grace. Allowing pride to cause harm instead of healing is not desirable. We need to cleanse ourselves of these negative attributes, as Satan is smart and will take advantage of any opportunity we provide. Blaming others or ourselves for our actions is not productive. Instead, we should take time to cool down, reflect with a spiritual perspective, and practice forgiveness towards others and ourselves.

Life is short, and building walls of pride and ego around ourselves is unwise, as it makes us susceptible to becoming followers of Satan. It’s important to read and follow the instructions given in the Bible rather than make our own rules. We are all imperfect except for Jesus, so struggling with pride and ego is unnecessary. When we attend church, we should lay aside our pride and ego. If we feel unable to do so alone, we can seek help from church elders or trusted spiritual mentors. If you are reading this message, consider it as a reminder to shun pride and ego today. The truth of God’s word will set you free.

In conclusion, we should strive to overcome pride and ego, seek forgiveness from God, repent, and express remorse for our actions. We should also have the courage to ask for forgiveness from those we have hurt. No one is perfect, and our focus should be on following Jesus and promoting a humble and loving community within and beyond the church.

Father, I come before you today with a humble heart, acknowledging that my existence is by your grace alone. I pray that you help me overcome any negative attributes of pride and ego in my life. Please grant me the wisdom and strength to recognize and address these harmful qualities, which can cause conflicts and disrupt harmony in my community and church. Help me to follow Jesus’ example and strive for humility and love in all my interactions. I also pray for forgiveness for any actions that have caused harm to others and seek the courage to ask for forgiveness from those I have hurt. Thank you for your unending love and mercy, and I pray all of this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

##Living by Faith##

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