Nothing is Permanent

by Evangelist Daniel Sushanth.

Matthew 6:19-21 reminds us that it’s not wise to accumulate earthly treasures that can be lost or stolen. Instead, we should focus on storing up treasures in heaven, recognizing that our time on earth is temporary and we won’t be here forever.

This message was reinforced when my colleague couldn’t attend his cousin’s funeral due to an urgent passport renewal. His cousin was a young aspiring doctor who tragically passed away during a routine root canal procedure, serving as a stark reminder that life is unpredictable and doesn’t come with guarantees of longevity.

This experience emphasizes the need to make intentional choices in our lives. Rather than solely focusing on accumulating material possessions, we should prioritize living a purposeful and meaningful life aligned with our values and principles, laying up treasures in heaven that are everlasting and enduring.

It’s important to remember that we won’t be able to take any earthly possessions with us when we leave this world, so investing in our spiritual well-being and making a positive impact on others should take precedence.

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