Avoiding Traps and Staying Connected to God

Judges 16:24 When the people saw him, they praised their god, saying, “Our god has delivered our enemy into our hands, the one who laid waste our land and multiplied our slain.”

Author: Evangelist Daniel Sushanth

During my childhood, I developed a habit of immersing myself in storybooks, particularly during the summer break. Thanks to my parents’ support, I had the opportunity to subscribe to a nearby library and eagerly pedal my bicycle to its doors. The library itself held a unique charm as it was housed in a converted car garage. It was initiated by retired individuals who shared a passion for books and sought to cater to fellow book lovers in the community. In our neighborhood, libraries were scarce, making this discovery an extraordinary find. The library became a haven for me, providing a peaceful and inviting atmosphere to explore the world of literature.

As I stepped into the library, a hushed silence enveloped the air, and my sister and I communicated in soft whispers, engaging in our own little world of gossip and conversation. Each day, we were allowed to borrow just one book, a restriction we gladly accepted. I vividly remember spending my entire day immersed in the chosen book’s pages. Among the library’s extensive collection, I developed a particular fondness for the Tintin series, as the stunning illustrations within those books captivated my imagination.

The memories of that library hold a special place in my heart, as it was impeccably maintained and offered a wide range of genres, from thrilling fiction and crime stories to captivating biographies and enlightening encyclopedias. Each visit was an opportunity to embark on a new literary adventure and expand my knowledge. The library became a refuge where I could lose myself in the enchanting world of books and discover new realms of imagination.

Although I haven’t read many novels or completed them in my lifetime, I have come to appreciate that novels offer intriguing facts and insights into life experiences. One such story that stands out to me from the  book of Judges, specifically in Judges 13 is the tale of Samson and Delilah, depicting elements of love, deception, and victory.

I often draw parallels between Samson and the mythological figure Hercules, given their similar physical attributes of immense strength and bravery. Samson’s love for Delilah became his weakness, and we cannot deny that we all have weaknesses that Satan actively exploits to lead us into sin. We too become vulnerable when we expose our weaknesses in areas where our flesh fails.

It highlights how Samson was set apart by God from birth as a Nazirite, symbolizing his dedication and consecration to God. Samson’s extraordinary strength, bestowed upon him by God, was meant to be used to deliver the Israelites from the oppression of the Philistines.

However, Samson’s weakness for women, particularly Delilah, becomes his downfall. The story unfolds in Judges 16, where Delilah, enticed by the Philistine leaders, seeks to discover the secret of Samson’s strength. She persistently pressures Samson, who eventually succumbs to her manipulation and reveals that his strength lies in his uncut hair.

This passage reveals the dangers of succumbing to temptation and compromising one’s convictions. Samson’s weakness for Delilah and his failure to guard the secret of his strength ultimately leads to his capture, blindness, and imprisonment. It serves as a reminder of the importance of staying faithful to God’s commands and resisting temptations that can lead us astray from His path.

Moreover, Samson’s story reflects the consequences of disobedience and the faithfulness of God’s forgiveness and restoration. Despite Samson’s mistakes and his abandonment of his Nazirite vow, God does not abandon him entirely. When Samson repents and turns to God in his darkest moment, God grants him a final surge of strength to fulfill his purpose and bring judgment upon the Philistines.

Additionally, Samson’s story emphasizes the importance of recognizing and utilizing the gifts and talents that God has bestowed upon us for His glory. Samson’s strength was a divine gift, intended to be used to fulfill God’s purpose of delivering the Israelites. However, Samson’s focus on personal desires and his lack of self-control hindered him from fully utilizing his gifts to serve God effectively.

To avoid falling into such traps, it is wise to steer clear of places or activities where we know we are prone to temptation. For instance, if we struggle with resisting dating sites, online casinos or pornography, we must recognize that Satan uses these as traps to ensnare us and separate us from God’s presence. By indulging in these activities, we break up our connection with God and lose our immediate power to resist, leaving us vulnerable for attack. Consequently, we miss out on valuable opportunities and end up leading miserable lives.

Instead, we should seize the opportunity given by God to serve Him and utilize all the gifts bestowed upon us by the Holy Spirit. Serving the Lord is a privilege in the Kingdom of God, and it is crucial to focus on things that align with His desires, rather than engaging in what He finds abominable. Although we may have fallen victim to Satan’s traps in the past, we cannot change those mistakes. However, we can move forward, learn from our past, and strive not to repeat those errors.

Every one of us possesses the same energy and potential as Samson. We need to channel that energy into a passion for Christ and utilize it for God’s glory. Let us gather our strength, with the Lord’s help, to overcome challenges and achieve victory over our opponent, Satan.

This serves as a reminder for us to identify and use our God-given talents and abilities in ways that honor Him and contribute to His kingdom. It encourages us to align our desires and actions with God’s will, avoiding the pitfalls of selfishness and short-term gratification.

Prayer: Father, We come before you humbly, help us, Lord, to guard our hearts and minds against the schemes of the enemy. Grant us the discernment to identify the areas where we are most vulnerable to temptation and the strength to avoid those places and activities. Fill us with your Holy Spirit, that we may find the power to resist the enemy’s attacks and walk in obedience to your commands. Lord, we repent of any past mistakes and ask for your forgiveness. Teach us to utilize the gifts and talents you have bestowed upon us for your glory. May we use our strength, our passions, and our abilities to serve you wholeheartedly and make a positive impact in your Kingdom. Empower us to resist temptation, to overcome challenges, and to experience victory over the schemes of the enemy. We thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness and your willingness to forgive us when we stumble. Help us to continually grow in our relationship with you, relying on your strength and grace each day. May our lives be a testament to your love and mercy, and may we bring glory to your name in all that we do. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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