Our God is just.

Author : Evangelist Daniel Sushanth.

Believers should leave vengeance to God. Do movies influence you in any way? Movies often portray revenge in a positive light, but it can lead to violence, death, and destruction in real life. While movies can provide entertainment, it’s important not to idolize the characters or imitate their actions.

Taking revenge can have serious consequences, as demonstrated in the story of Cain and Abel from the book of Genesis in the Bible. Cain became jealous and angry when God accepted Abel’s offering but not his own. Despite being warned by God to control his anger, Cain gave in to his jealousy and killed his innocent brother Abel.

As a result, God cursed Cain, making him a fugitive and a wanderer on the earth. This story illustrates the dangers of acting on vengeful impulses and the destructive consequences that can follow. Had Cain been able to manage his anger and obeyed God’s instructions, he could have lived a life without turmoil. But due to his hot temper, he lost his standing and faced consequences.

Real-life instances of revenge are not uncommon, with reports of incidents such as a person driving recklessly after being overtaken, or a neighbor becoming furious when garbage is dumped in front of their house frequently appearing in newspapers. Unfortunately, these situations can sometimes lead to tragic outcomes, including loss of life.

Seeking revenge is not a suitable response for believers, as it can lead to destructive and harmful outcomes. Instead, the passage encourages believers to trust in God’s justice and to leave vengeance to Him. This is a reminder that God is just and sovereign and that He will ultimately deal with sin and wrongdoing in His time and in His way.

The quote in Romans 12:19 is a reminder that revenge ultimately belongs to God and that He is the one who will repay evil and wrongdoing. The passage emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and turning the other cheek, as taught by Jesus in the New Testament.

Believers who seek instant vengeance against their enemies should remember that God instructs us to leave justice in His hands. God is just and will act in His own time, unlike humans who may act hastily. It is important to trust in God and not let our emotions control us. Even if our enemies seem to prosper, we should remember that God never sleeps and is aware of the suffering we have endured. We can be confident that justice will be served in accordance with God’s plan.

The passage also draws on an Old Testament verse from Deuteronomy 32:35, which further emphasizes the idea that vengeance belongs to God. This verse reminds believers that God is just and will ultimately bring justice to those who have sinned and wronged others.

Overall, the passage is a call to trust in God’s justice and to avoid seeking revenge. Instead, believers should focus on forgiveness and leaving room for God’s wrath, knowing that He will ultimately bring justice to all.

Father, help me to resist the temptation to seek revenge when I feel hurt. Teach me to trust in Your justice and to leave vengeance in Your hands. Help me to forgive those who have wronged me and to turn the other cheek, just as You taught us to do. Grant me the strength and wisdom to resist the destructive urge of revenge and to focus on the power of forgiveness and love. Thank You for being a just God who ultimately brings justice to all. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

##Living by Faith##

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