Make a U-Turn..!!

Author : Evangelist Daniel Sushanth

Have you ever considered making a U-turn in your life?

Maybe you feel that God is urging you to do so. It’s important to remember that your body is a sacred temple that belongs to God, as stated in 1 Corinthians 6:19. While we all have some bad habits, it’s important to recognize when they become addictive and harmful to our health and well-being.

When driving, we have speed limit signs and alarms to alert us to slow down and be cautious. However, addiction has no such warning signs, and the damage is often already done by the time we realize it. Many addictive substances have detrimental effects on our health and well-being, yet we continue to consume them without recognizing the harm we’re causing ourselves.

Addiction can impact anyone, regardless of age, and can have a significant impact on personal and professional lives. If left unchecked, addiction can lead to weakness and self-destruction. Many addicts become slaves to their addiction and resort to harmful behaviors such as theft, abuse, and physical assault. It can cause serious rifts in relationships, turning families and loved ones against each other.

Living with an addicted person can be emotionally and physically exhausting. However, there is hope for victims through rehabilitation centers where they can overcome their addiction. Remember that your body is a temple of God and should be protected from vulnerabilities and addictions that can harm it. Addictions may provide temporary relief from problems, but in the long run, they only cause more harm than good.

It takes courage to say no to addiction, but with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, it’s possible. If you know your enemy, you can defend yourself better. Take a U-turn by surrendering your heart to Jesus, who is always ready to forgive and embrace you with his love. Don’t listen to those who say there’s no escape from addiction.

Will you take a U-Turn today and fight against addiction as a brave soldier?

Father, I come before you today with a heavy heart, knowing that I have let addiction take control of my life. I ask for your forgiveness and the strength to turn away from these harmful habits. Help me to recognize the warning signs and to seek help when I need it. Give me the courage to make a U-turn in my life and to fight against addiction as a brave soldier. I surrender my heart to you, and I trust that you will guide me in the right direction. Thank you for your unconditional love and mercy. Amen.

##Living by Faith##

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