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Author : Evangelist Daniel Sushanth

Consider the significance of signages in our daily lives, such as road signs or warning signs, and how they provide guidance for our safety and well-being. Similarly, the Ten Commandments in Exodus 20:1-17 serve as divine signposts for followers of Jesus, offering guidance on righteous living and maintaining harmonious relationships with God and others.

Just as we diligently follow signs to avoid accidents or mishaps, as Jesus’ disciples, we should wholeheartedly embrace and adhere to the laws set by YAHWEH, without making excuses or offering reasons for non-compliance. Just as we obey the guidelines of our country as responsible citizens, we should prioritize following God’s commandments as an essential aspect of our faith.

While some may claim ignorance or offer excuses for not following God’s laws, it is important to recognize that these laws are not optional, but rather a reflection of God’s wisdom and love for His people. Similar to seeds that may initially sprout but perish due to lack of faith or perseverance, those who are aware of God’s laws but fail to follow them may face consequences.

Imagine being caught in a no-entry zone during a ride and being stuck with no rescue. Similarly, disregarding God’s instructions may lead to dire consequences.

Instead of dwelling on reasons for non-compliance, let us encourage fellow believers to focus on studying and understanding God’s word, including the Ten Commandments.

If you are not familiar with these instructions from God, take the initiative to open the Bible and seek His wisdom to comprehend these laws. May the Lord bless you with the insight and obedience to follow His commandments in your daily lives.

Father, we thank You for the guidance and direction You provide through Your word, including the Ten Commandments. Help us to understand the significance of these divine signposts and to prioritize following them as an essential aspect of our faith. Give us the strength and perseverance to resist the temptation to ignore or justify disobedience and to instead fully embrace and follow your laws. May we encourage one another to study and understand your word and to live righteously according to your will. We pray for your wisdom and guidance in our daily lives. In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

##Living by Faith##

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