From Listeners to Doers

“For if any is a hearer of the word, and not a doer, he is like a man beholding his natural face in a glass”- James 1:23

Author: Evangelist Daniel Sushanth

 James 1:23 :This passage reminds us that it’s not enough to merely listen to the teachings of the Bible without putting them into action. It’s like someone who looks at their reflection in a mirror but does nothing to improve their appearance.

Similarly, there are people who talk about many things but fail to act upon them. They are like antique pieces displayed in a showcase, adding decoration but serving no practical purpose. This is not what the Bible encourages us to be. Instead, we should be enthusiastic about applying the teachings of Jesus in our daily lives, just as a new driver eagerly takes the wheel and zooms on the highways.

If we claim to believe in the truth of the scriptures, it should inspire us to put those teachings into practice. We shouldn’t remain passive or silent like the man who hid his talent in the ground. Instead, we should step out of our comfort zones and act, seeking guidance from our church or mentors if needed.

When we have the desire to do something, Satan may try to discourage us and make us feel lazy or lacking in confidence. However, we must break free from these chains and carry the yoke of responsibility. Like a healthy person who looks in the mirror to make improvements, a faithful Christian investigates God’s Word to actively apply its teachings.

Let us listen to the apostle James’s message and strive to be doers of the word. We should exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit in our lives, not merely storing up knowledge that remains unused. By taking one step forward in faith, we can make a difference in our surroundings and invite others to join us in fellowship, starting with Bible study and prayer.

There once was a traveller who set out on a long journey. Before he embarked, he studied the map meticulously, memorizing every detail of the route. He knew the path by heart. However, instead of setting foot on the journey, he stayed in his comfortable home, content with his knowledge of the route.                                                                                                           

As years went by, the traveller grew older, and time slipped away. He realized that all his knowledge meant nothing if he never took that first step and experienced the journey for himself. His knowledge remained idle and unfulfilled. In the same way, my dear brethren, it is not enough to listen and accumulate knowledge of God's word. We must put that knowledge into action. We must live out the teachings of Jesus, spreading love, kindness, and compassion to others. 

Our faith should be active and transformative, just like the traveller who embarks on his journey and experiences the wonders along the way.

The Bible urges us not to be passive listeners but active doers of God’s word. Let us be motivated by our faith to apply these teachings and make a positive impact in the world.

Prayer: Gracious Father, we humbly seek Your guidance and Your presence in our lives. Renew our sense of purpose and faith, and may Your Holy Spirit fill us with peace, joy, and a profound assurance of Your nearness. Surround us with a community of believers who can offer support, encouragement, and accountability. Please open doors of opportunity and provide solutions to the challenges we encounter. May Your will be accomplished in our lives as we draw closer to You and radiate Your glory. In the precious name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

##Living by Faith##

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